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Auckland Transport | BECA | Auckland, NZ

The Purewa Bridge, connecting Remuera and Orakei neighborhoods in Auckland, New Zealand, is a vital 67-meter-long, 13.5-meter-wide motorway bridge with six spans. Operated by Auckland Transport, it plays a crucial role in linking Orakei, eastern suburbs, and western regions to the downtown core.

The Problem

Being over a century old, the bridge poses inspection challenges due to difficult accessibility and its critical importance.

A recent manned inspection revealed that almost 40% of the underdeck and 60% of the piers were challenging to access, highlighting the limitations of traditional inspection methods. Auckland Transport, facing logistical issues and realizing the need for a more comprehensive assessment, sought alternative solutions to improve maintenance planning.

The Solution

Niricson proposed a solution for Purewa Bridge inspection challenges, employing DRONIC™ (patented UAV – powered data collection methodology) and AUTOSPEX™ (Niricson’s patent pending infrastructure assessment software platform) technologies. These technologies, including a drone-equipped concrete sounding hammer NCX and an AI-backed defect detection platform, collected optical imagery and acoustic sound data.

Collaborating with BECA, the team mapped defects like cracking and delamination on the bridge’s key components, providing efficient and detailed coverage. Niricson’s UAV-sounding mechanism enhanced drafting efficiency, reduced documentation time, and eliminated condition uncertainties, mitigating asset risk.

The Purewa Bridge is an important bridge, connecting Auckland city to the eastern suburbs, carrying more than 20,000 vehicles per day. We have identified a requirement for repair work and were interested in the technology that could help us assess the condition of the bridge, as well as the extent of the work that might be required. We were challenged by the difficulty of accessing the bridge for close inspection not wanting to close the bridge, and avoiding disrupting traffic.


Asset Manager - Transport Structures & Metro, Auckland Transport