We offer Repeatable Airfield inspection powered by AI to help ensure Safer Runways

Making Airfields Safer

We Offer Precise and Up-to-Date Asset Condition Records for Preventive Maintenance

Airfield pavement defect detection is a critical aspect of maintaining safe and operational runways and taxiways. The integrity of airfield pavements can be compromised by various defects, including cracking, rutting, spalling, and surface deterioration. However, existing assessment methods are slow, subjective, and incomplete, with engineers manually assessing only 20% of pavement conditions. Implementing advanced defect detection techniques ensures timely maintenance and enhances the longevity of the pavement.

At Niricson, we provide asset teams and pavement engineers with automated PCI using artificial intelligence. We have developed AUTOSPEX™ – a patent pending AI-backed platform for defect detection, quantification, and tracking for digital infrastructure condition surveys. This platform is paired with DRONIC™ – a patented multi-layered data collection and fusion architecture, along with a proprietary drone-equipped concrete sounding hammer.

Together, these technologies automate the inspection and condition assessment of airfields, allowing asset owners to objectively track the progression of defects like cracks, and spalls over time.

AUTOSPEX uses optical imagery to identify surficial defects on the concrete and asphalt surface of runways. By creating a digital baseline for airfield pavement, asset owners receive the most objective and quantifiable asset deterioration information for proactive and preventive maintenance, helping to eliminate pavement-related damage to aircraft and operational disruptions due to pavement maintenance and construction.

With an AI-powered improved pavement condition survey, we provide airfield teams with:

  • Ability to leverage data to make estimates on the amount of material (linear feet of sealant)
  • Obtain inputs for PCI Calculations
  • More accurate and complete deterioration data for deterioration modelling for asset management
  • Improved documentation and year-to-year referencing
We provide repeatable deterioration modelling for Airfield Maintenance

By performing multiple inspections, AUTOSPEX can utilize the data to provide advanced change detection and data comparison for runways. By tracking defect variations over time, we enable you to construct reliable models for asset deterioration. This comprehensive approach empowers you to identify trends, predict future issues, and make informed decisions for long-term maintenance and safety.

Our solution eliminates incompleteness and subjectivity

Using machine learning and AI, AUTOSPEX maps and quantifies pavement distresses, establishing a thorough digital baseline. This digital baseline delivers objective and precise data on asset deterioration, empowering asset owners to undertake proactive and preventive maintenance. Consequently, it reduces the risk of pavement-related aircraft damage and minimizes operational disruptions caused by pavement maintenance and construction.

We ensure detailed coverage of the entire runway

Through our comprehensive approach to airfield maintenance, we model pavement deterioration accurately and efficiently. By leveraging AI and machine learning, AUTOSPEX precisely maps and quantifies all pavement distresses across the entire airfield. Our solution eliminates subjective assessments and data gaps, ensuring you have detailed, quantifiable insights into the entire airfield’s deterioration.

We help reduce operational downtime for airfield inspection

Utilizing autonomous UAV flights, we conduct comprehensive data collection scans within just one hour. This streamlined approach ensures minimal disruption to operations while delivering detailed and accurate inspection data. By leveraging autonomous UAV technology, we enable efficient and timely airfield assessments, allowing for proactive maintenance planning and enhanced operational continuity.

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