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Bridges are important assets that connect our communities. Inspections can be challenging and expensive due to the planning and logistics involved, as well as issues with access and visibility. To address these challenges Niricson developed Bridge Health in partnership with Arcadis, which is designed for clients building, owning, operating, or managing bridge assets.

At Niricson, we developed AUTOSPEX™ – a patent pending AI-backed platform for defect detection, quantification, and tracking for digital infrastructure condition surveys. This platform is paired with DRONIC™ – a patented multi-layered data collection and fusion architecture, along with a proprietary drone-equipped concrete sounding hammer.

Together, these technologies automate the inspection and condition assessment of bridges, allowing asset owners to objectively track the progression of defects like cracks, spalls, and delamination over time.

NIRICSON uses optical imagery to identify surficial defects on the concrete surfaces of a bridge. We also use commercial-off-the-shelf thermal cameras to identify and map voids and delamination up to 50mm into the concrete. Our proprietary acoustic sensor can detect and create a geo-referenced map of delamination.

Our Path to Safer and Sustainable Inspections

Our solution helps clients to quickly determine the amount of repairwork required for any specific defect in their bridge maintenance. With precise quantification, they can plan projects more efficiently, reduce waste, and ensure they have the right resources on hand to complete repairs on time and within budget.

We Help Our Clients Anticipate Risks

With advanced data collection methods like acoustic measurements and repeatable pathway assessments, we help our clients anticipate where and when assets might fail. Using our proprietary damage assessment platform, we can help predict potential issues, allowing our clients to take proactive measures and track changes over time.

Our Approach to Creating Accurate Digital Records

We leverage AI and machine learning to improve bridge inspections, identifying sub-surface issues with acoustic technology. Our approach generates precise digital records and provides clients with detailed 3D models for enhanced visualization and analysis.

Repeatable Inspection for Long-Term Bridge Health

Prevent deterioration and extend the life of bridges with our precise and consistent inspection methods. By following a repeatable inspection pathway, you can examine the same sections of infrastructure to monitor their condition over time, allowing you to identify and address potential issues before they worsen.

The Niricson and Arcadis Partnership were winners in the Innovation in Bridge Inspection category at the UK NCE Bridges Awards 2024.

The judges found this to be an exceptional, exciting entry explaining the innovative use of drone and additional technology, saving deploying people with hammers to determine areas of cracking, delamination and voiding. Change over time is crucial and focusing on areas of critical importance over reporting every defect helps manage a large portfolio of structures. An excellent innovation!

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