Dams and Spillways

We offer advanced insights and safety inspections
to ensure dam reliability.

Making Dams Safer

We help maintain precise and updated records
of your asset’s condition.
Dams are critical assets that provide flood control, hydroelectric generation, and water storage benefits for our communities. The proper condition monitoring and inspections for these important assets ensure our safety and ensure that we can continue to enjoy these valuable benefits.

At Niricson, we developed AUTOSPEX™ – a patent pending AI-backed platform for defect detection, quantification, and tracking for digital infrastructure condition surveys. This platform is paired with DRONIC™ – a patented multi-layered data collection and fusion architecture, along with a proprietary drone-equipped concrete sounding hammer.

Together, these technologies automate the inspection and condition assessment of dams and spillways, helping asset owners objectively monitor cracks, spalls, delamination, and other defects on their assets as they progress over time.

AUTOSPEX uses optical imagery to identify surficial defects on the concrete dam or spillway. We also use commercial-off-the-shelf thermal cameras to identify and map voids and delamination up to 50mm into the concrete. Our proprietary acoustic sensor can detect and create a geo-referenced map of delamination.

We Empower Asset Management Through Change Detection

Our cloud platform, AUTOSPEX, uses extensive surveys to deliver advanced change detection and data comparison for dams and spillways. By tracking defect variations over time, we enable you to construct reliable models for asset deterioration. This comprehensive approach empowers you to identify trends, predict future issues, and make informed decisions for long-term maintenance and safety.

We Provide Visualization for In-Depth Asset Insights

We offer our clients a thorough visualization on AUTOSPEX, detailing the results of each condition survey. This comprehensive documentation provides an in-depth overview of the current state of their dam or spillway, highlighting key findings and any areas of concern. With this detailed information, they can take targeted action to maintain the safety and integrity of their assets.

We Help Optimize Maintenance with Precise Planning

Our solution helps clients to quickly determine the amount of repair work required for any specific defect in their dam and spillway maintenance. With precise quantification, they can plan projects more efficiently, reduce waste, and ensure they have the right resources on hand to complete repairs on time and within budget.

Our Innovative Technology is Safer for Operations

By using advanced robotics, drones, and patented technology, our process for dams and spillways is safer. This innovative approach reduces the need for heavy equipment, rope access, scaffolding, and excessive labor, leading to a safer work environment and more efficient operations.

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