On June 3, at The Data Effect: How to Build a Digital Society, CityAge and Innovate BC are profiling these five promising BC-based startups. They’re each solving an economic, environmental, or social problem using data. In other words, they’re building our digital society.

Niricson Software

The digital age is unlocking a new way to assess, manage, and repair physical infrastructure. Niricson Software is on its cutting edge. Their cloud-based platform quickly maps and quantifies damage to concrete, and helps asset managers and engineers plan repairs. Their solutions are being deployed around the world.

MetroVancouver, Arcadis, and BC Hydro all use Niricson Software. Co-Founder and CEO Harsh Rathod will join us this Friday in Vancouver to share their story.

Aqua Intelligent Technology

It’s easier to take care of our natural resources in a digital society. Companies like Aqua Intelligent Technology are proving it. They digitize local water facilities to allow for real time proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting. 

They’re saving communities maintenance costs while expanding access to clean drinking water at the same time, in places like Lytton First Nation. CTO Shahab Bahrami will be at The Data Effect on June 3 to tell us more. 


Digital twins are some of the most critical tools that digitization is making possible. Llamazoo takes geospatial and non-geospatial data and builds 3D virtual worlds that are recognizable and understandable to almost everyone, helping organizations make data-informed decisions about their assets.  Their virtual realities integrate, interpret, and analyze data and help get stakeholders and planners aligned quickly. 

They’ve built digital twins for mining company Teck and forestry company Interfor. Hear more from Director of Product, Jay Milroy, at How to Build a Digital Society.

ThisFish Inc

Digitization is making our food system more sustainable and efficient too. Take ThisFish Inc. They’ve built an AI-powered platform that digitizes productions and traces data for seafood providers. It enables predictive analytics and automation, allowing seafood companies to share data, purchase orders, manage costing, and boost supply chain transparency using blockchain. 

CEO & Co-Founder Eric Enno Tamm will share more this Friday.


Our digital society depends on entrepreneurs. Pocketed is in the business of helping them succeed. They make it easier for businesses to get grant money using a platform that matches companies with funding they’re eligible for, alerts users about new and closing grants, and offers consultations and legal services.

In ordeer to build a digital society, we need a country that produces entrepreneurs. That’s why Co-Founder and CEO Brianna Blaney will be in Vancouver on June 3 to tell us how Pocketed is making entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. 


It’s not too late to register for The Data Effect: How to Build A Digital Society, happening this Friday, June 3, in Vancouver. Hear from all of these founders and more.

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